Kirjatäht OÜ provides the following services

PRICES (cost of 1 academic hour)

Group training for 8-12 persons5,57€ +VAT
Group training for 6-7 persons6,60€ +VAT
Learning in mini groups of 4-5 persons8,80€ +VAT
Learning in mini groups of 2-3 persons13,50€ +VAT
E-training29,70 +VAT
Training via Skype29,70€ +VAT
In-company training29,70€ +VAT
Private lessons29,70€ +VAT
Cost of translation services. Text editing15,31€+VAT/page, 8,09€+VAT/page

*Price List since Januar 1st, 2019.

Starting from 24.11.2015 liable to pay value added tax (reg-code  EE101837033).

Language learning is available on the basis of the three primary languages: Russian, English and Finnish.

Discount for loyal customers -5%, discount for (university) students – 10%.

NB! Skipping lessons or withdrawing from couse will not free you from paying the tuition.
Absences or withdrawing from group lessons do not reduce the price in group training.
All students need to be guaranteed that during the course the price will not change.

Payment must be made on the basis of the bill. Payment can be made either in full or in instalments according a payment plan. Payments must be made within ten days or in the beginning of the month as an advanced payment.